Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Pet Fish

About a week ago, I got a pet fish! My fish is black, green, orange, red, blue, purple, and a splash of pink, and my fish's name is Drake. Did you know that betas (My kind of fish) can live up to 4 1/2 years?

Here is a picture of Drake. 

Isn't he cool!

Do you have a pet fish?

Do you have a pet other than a fish?

How many pets do you have?


For a summer vacation trip I went to Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is a small city in Mexico, and it is at the tip of the Caribbean. Also, there are lots of storms. Sometimes in Cancun you can hear big thunder and see lots of lightning, and when there are storms is is really humid and hot.

In Cancun, I swam with the dolphins, zip lined, kayaked, jet skied in the ocean, and hung out at the pool with my family and friends. 

 Here is one picture of me swimming with the dolphins!

There is me riding on the dorsal fins of the dolphins! Isn't that cool!

Now here is one picture of the zip lining! There is only one picture because all of them mostly have personal images.

There's my dad zip lining into a cenote. (Cenote means a sinkhole.)

Here are two pictures of my family and I jet skiing in the ocean.

It is really fun!

Have you ever been to Cancun, Mexico?

Does it look fun there for you?

Tell me if you go and leave a comment?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Challenge Yourself to Blog!!

This year I joined a blogging challenge called Challenge Yourself to Blog! Also, I did it last year! I can't wait until the first challenge! 

If you want to see my posts from last year on the blogging you can look in my archive or click on this link.  

Here is a screenshot of the website!

Here is the first link. 

Here is the second link. 

Also, here is a link to register. 

Please leave a comment.

Do you have a blog?

If you have a blog give me your website name, and I will check it out!

Have you joined a blogging challenge or another kind of challenge?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Days of School!

For the first day of school you do lots of things. Those things are moving into your new desk, learning about your grade, meeting your teacher, and get all your textbooks. 

For my first day of school I did all those things and had lots of fun doing them! My new teacher's name is Mrs. Krauss. Mrs. Krauss is a fourth grade teacher and that's what grade I went into today. 

I noticed that fourth grade is going to be really hard. Also, we're already working on a project in class. The project is called "It's All About Me Tee". So far it has been really fun. 

Also, I noticed that in fourth grade your regular teacher doesn't teach you science, actually you have an actual science teacher. So far it's been really fun!

What grade are you in?

How was your first day of school?

Is it fun so far?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Concert: Glee!

On Friday night, I went to a concert called Glee Live! It was Universal Studios in Hollywood, and the theatre the concert was in was the Gibson Amphitheater.  Glee is a T.V. show. The show is about this club called the Glee Club. The club is about singing and dancing. 

First off, we went to a restaurant called Wolf Gang Puck Bistro. When we were at dinner there was this guy standing a few feet away from the restaurant and he was painted silver and a rusty color. He was like a statue! Also, when someone would walk by him he would scare them because the people walking by him aren't expecting it. He also dances, and when he dances he makes a rusty sound like he is rusty! 
Here are a couple pictures of him. 

Here is a picture of him standing still. See he is painted silver. 

Here he is dancing!

Right before the show I got a poster and my sister, Annie got a poster of Glee. It was awesome!

Before the show started these really good dancers came out and danced for. The are going to be in a movie called the LXD. Actually, one of the dancers from the movie was in the show Glee!

For the concert Glee we sat in row L and seats 101 102 103 and 104.  In my opinion I thought the seats were really good. 

I couldn't get any pictures of the show because the said no photos. 

They sang lots of songs from the show on t.v. and lots of new ones that are coming on next week's episode. 

A couple minutes after the show started I had to put ear plugs in my ears because it was so loud. 

The show was about 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Also, there was an encore so they sang two more songs. 

In the encore, on of the singers best friend came out to sing, and he is in the show too. 

Have you ever watched the show Glee on t.v.? 

Have you ever been to the concert? 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day of School!

Today is June 15, 2010, and today was the last day of school. At school today we cleaned out our desks, we signed yearbooks with the whole third grade, read the Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, and then we went home.

My teacher, Mrs. Yollis' room moms took some pictures of our group hug, and here they are. 

Credit: photos by Mrs. Yollis

Here is a picture of the class leaving the school on the last day. :(  :)

What was your favorite part about your last day of school?

Did you like this post?

When is your last day of school? 

Are you going to miss your teacher like I miss Mrs. Yollis? 

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Washington D.C. and Boston!!!!

This year for spring break I went to Washington D.C. and Boston.  We took a car to the airport.   It was a short ride, only about 30 minutes long.  Our flight to Washington D.C. started at 9:15 A.M., and the flight was four hours and 22 minutes long. 

We flew over the Mississippi River and the Colorado River. We also flew over the Grand Canyon. 

When we were flying we were above the clouds. It was awesome!  All the clouds were below the plane we were in.  When there were no clouds we saw some snow on the mountains. The snow was in New Mexico. 

When we arrived in Washington DC a guy picked us up and took us to our hotel. 

Our hotel was named the Ritz Carlton

While we were in Washington D.C. we saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, World War ll Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the north and south side of the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, The Capitol, The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the Cherry Blossoms, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. 

While in Washington DC we did a few tours. They were Monuments by Moonlight, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and the US Capitol. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving is where they make and print our paper money. 

We walked, took taxis, and used the subways all the time. We had to walk a lot because when you go sightseeing most people walk. It was my first time on the subway and I loved it. 

Actually some famous people were staying in our hotel.  The cast of Glee was staying at our hotel, the hockey team the Boston Bruins, and the basketball team called the Golden State Warriors. It was awesome!!

Here are some pictures of the events that we did below!

Here is a picture of the White House. 

Here is a picture of the White House coffee cup. 

Here is a picture of the Washington Monument at night. Notice that it is reflecting on the Reflecting Pool!
Here is another picture of the Washington Monument, but it is in the day time. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall!

Here are some pictures of the Lincoln Memorial! 

Here is a close up of Lincoln's face from the Lincoln Memorial. 

Here is a picture of the place Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech "I Have a Dream". Did you know that he gave his speech on the Lincoln Memorial.

Here are some pictures of stuff Lincoln owned. 

Here is a picture for Lincoln's top hat that he wore in office.

Here is a picture of Lincoln's watch.

Here is a picture of Lincoln's hand compared to mine. His hand is so big because his hand is swollen. It is swollen because he was shaking so many people's hand.

Here is a picture of Lincoln's suit that he wore in office.

Here are some pictures of the Capitol Building. 

Here is a picture of the Capitol Building at sunset.

Here is a picture of the roof of the Capitol Building.

Here is a picture of the ruby slippers Dorothy used from the move the Wizard of Oz. 

You might recognize this statue because he was in the movie Night of the Museum 2. Did you see that movie? 

Here is a picture of the biggest diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond. 

After five days in Washington DC, we left and went to Boston. The flight was only one hour and 15 minutes. In Boston we also stayed at the Ritz Carlton. 

After we drove to the hotel, we checked in and went to my cousins' house for dinner. For dinner I had some steak, and for dessert I had one smore and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My cousins' names are Rachel, Jacob, and Avra. My uncle's name is Uncle Bobo, (his nickname is Bobo because he was in a t.v. show and he was a monkey trainer. The monkey's name was Bobo too.) My aunt's name is Aunt Nancy. This was my Grammy's brother's house, and her brother is Uncle Bobo. 

While in Boston there was another hockey team staying at our hotel, and it was the Buffalo Sabers. When my family and I were sitting at our table for breakfast some of the teammates of the Sabers were sitting right next to us. 

The first full day we were in Boston we went to the Plimouth Plantation. Plimouth Plantation is a place where you get see employees dress and act as Pilgrims and Wapanogs. 
(Employees are people who work for a company.) We walked in to a couple aps, and we saw a lady roasting a duck. (The lady who had the duck roasting had her baby on her back.) Right after we saw the Wapanogs we went to the Pilgrim Village. There we went to see lambs and live chickens. I got see hit some pillows with a stick to get the dust off of them. It was so fun.  After we saw that we went to the gift shop.  Then we got a taxi and drove to Plimouth Rock and the Mayflower ll. Plimouth Rock was just a rock behind a fence, and it had the year 1620 carved onto it. The Mayflower ll was amazing because you got to go on it, and see the employees dressed as Pilgrims. We went to the all the floors of the Mayflower ll. 

Here are some pictures of what happened that day.

Here is a picture of a roasted duck on a long stick.

Here is a picture of an ap. I mentioned that word in my post, Chumash Museum.

Here is a picture of where the Pilgrims and Wapanogs went to the bathroom. 

Here is a picture of their bed. 

Here is a picture of an animal called a steer. It is walking around because it needs to practice walking with a person. 

Here is a picture of the Mayflower ll. Did you know that the Mayflower ll still sails?

Here is a picture inside the Mayflower ll. There you can see all their equipment.

Here is a picture of a bed in the Mayflower ll. 

For dinner that day we went to restaurant called Summer Shack. It was a seafood place. For dinner I had a steak, and for dessert I had a soft serve ice cream swirl. The flavors were vanilla, and chocolate.

The day after we went to Plimoth Plantation we did the Duck Tour. ( A Duck Tour is a tour around Boston. Also, they call it the duck tour because you see lots of ducks and the bus is called a duck. When you go in the water it turns in to a boat. It was amazing!) 

After the Duck Tour for lunch, we went to Mr. Bartley's Burgers Harvard Square. I had a cheeseburger, and after lunch we all went to Starbucks Coffee. There I got a vanilla frappuccino. It was so good. Then for dinner we went to a place called Galleria 33. For dinner there I had chicken parmigiana. That was delicious! 

After that dinner we went back to the hotel and went to bed. I was so tired. 

The day after that we walked Newberry St. On Newberry St. we went to the Mac Store, and Scoozy a lunch place. When we were walking it was so windy, and it was 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, we saw a George Washington statue, and he was on his horse. 

Here is a picture of the George Washington statue. 

Did you like my post?
What was your favorite part about my post?
Do you want to go to these places?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Won!! I Won the Digital Voice Awards!!

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A couple of days ago I won the Digital Voice Awards! I won it for my post on the Chumash Museum.  Here is a screenshot of the Chumash post. When I won I was so surprised. Also, when I told my mom and dad they were so proud of me. Here are the logos for the Awards. 

Here is my Chumash post. 

Also, my teacher, Mrs. Yollis won two of the awards. She won them for here posts Collectors Collections and Visit North America.  Here are screenshots of Collectors Collections and Visit North America. 

Did you know about the Digital Voice Awards before I mentioned it in the post?

Were you one of the people who comment on my post about the Chumash?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kooky Pens Post #2

As I said in my first post I collect Kooky Pens! When I haven't been doing my posts about Kooky Pens I got ten more, and in my last post I only had six. So that equals sixteen. 

Here they are together in number order. 

The ones that I am about to show are in number order too. 

Here is a new Kooky Pen I got a couple days ago. His name is C-3PO from Star Wars. He is really rare because he is # 2. Here he is below. 

Here is Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants. He is #2. That means he is really rare. 

Next is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. He is really rare too because he is #3. Here he is. 

Here is Doc. He isn't from anything, the Kooky Pen Company made him up. He also is a Krazzy. Here he is. 

Next is SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants. He is really rare too because he is #6. Here he is. 

Another Kooky Pen I have is Gary SpongeBob SquarePants' pet. He is a snail, and he is rare too. He is #8. Here he is. 

Here is Big Bad. He is not in anything. The Kooky Pen Company made him. He is rare too because he is #9. I think he is really cool because he has curly hair, and his face looks mean. He is a Krazzy. Here he is. 

Next is KingKook. He not that rare because he is #41. In my opinion, I think he is really cool because he has a beard. 

Another one is the Los Angels Kings Kooky Pen. He is not that rare because he is #54. Here he is. 

Here is Marco. Marco is #44. That means that he is not that rare. Here he is. 

After Maco is Pizmo. He is like a funny guy. He is not that rare because he is #104. Here he is. 

After Pizmo is Rideout. Rideout is not really rare because he is #120. Here he is. 

After Rideout is Buddy. Buddy is not rare because he is #142. Here he is. 

After Buddy is Cutter. Cutter is not rare because he is #170. He is a baseball. Here he is. 

After Cutter is Deke. He is a hockey player. He lost one tooth, and he has a black eye. Here he is. 

Last but not least, is Duncan. Duncan is a rock star, and he is not rare because he is #330. Here he is. 

Do you like my Kooky Pens?

Do you have any Kooky Pens?

If you don't just leave a comment. 

If you have one leave a comment.