Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Won!! I Won the Digital Voice Awards!!

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A couple of days ago I won the Digital Voice Awards! I won it for my post on the Chumash Museum.  Here is a screenshot of the Chumash post. When I won I was so surprised. Also, when I told my mom and dad they were so proud of me. Here are the logos for the Awards. 

Here is my Chumash post. 

Also, my teacher, Mrs. Yollis won two of the awards. She won them for here posts Collectors Collections and Visit North America.  Here are screenshots of Collectors Collections and Visit North America. 

Did you know about the Digital Voice Awards before I mentioned it in the post?

Were you one of the people who comment on my post about the Chumash?


MIMI said...

Dear nick,
It is a wonderful accomplishment and the entire family is extremely proud of you. Keep up the good work and who knows what amazing things can happen for you in the future. See you at the game on Saturday...

love and hugs,

Nick said...

@ Mimi,

Thanks for the awesome comment. I got a lot of congratulations already, and I am really proud of myself. See you at the game on Saturday, and Luckie is going to be there!


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

Not only I commented on the magnificent Chumash post, but my sister commented. My grandmother just moved close to the fantastic Chumash Museum and says she might take me there. I'm going to the Digital Voice Awards as well and it is four days after my birthday!


Nick said...

@ Sam,

Thanks for the magnificent comment on my Digital Voice Awards Post! Since you said it was your birthday four days after the Digital Voice Awards award ceremony happy birthday!!!!!!!! How old are you going to be?


Daddy said...

There are no people more proud of you than Mommy and me. We are so excited and happy for you. Can't wait until the awards.

Love you!


Nick said...

@ Daddy,

You and Mommy seem so proud of me. You guys have been so excited for the awards that I can tell that you are proud of me. Love you guys!!

Your son,

Unknown said...

Dear Nick,

I had a lot of fun with you at the Digital Voice Awards. You did a very good job speaking in front of the crowd. What was your favorite part of the Digital Voice Awards?

Your Pal,
Jaxon (:

P.S. My favorite part was going on stage and speaking.

Anonymous said...

@ Jaxon,

Thanks for the comment. My favorite part was giving my own speech.