Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Pet Fish

About a week ago, I got a pet fish! My fish is black, green, orange, red, blue, purple, and a splash of pink, and my fish's name is Drake. Did you know that betas (My kind of fish) can live up to 4 1/2 years?

Here is a picture of Drake. 

Isn't he cool!

Do you have a pet fish?

Do you have a pet other than a fish?

How many pets do you have?


Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Nick,

Congratulations on your new pet! I did not know that betas can live that long.

I used to have a goldfish when I was younger. Of course, I won him at a carnival like so many fish pets! I named him Seymour and he lived for a few years.

I have some questions for you:

* Can you give us anymore new facts about beta fish? Where are they from? What colors do they come in? Why do you have to keep them separated? I'd love to learn more!

* Can Drake do any tricks? :-)

Your former teacher,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Ryan said...

Dear Nick,

My name is Ryan. I am in Mrs. Yollis's class. I can not believe Drake can like up to 4 years! I do not have a pet fish. I would ♥ one. I would name him slippery.
He would be a gold fish.

I have a dog named Champ. I used to have a hamster named Oreo. They were best friends. Champ would roll Oreo around the ground. It was so funny!

Do you have any other pets?
What kind of fish is Drake?


Ryan ♠ ♥
Mrs. Yollis' student

Jonah said...

Dear Nick,
I am a 5th grade student in Bangkok, Thailand.You're very lucky! I am not allowed to have any pets. My dad is allergic to fur so I can't have a cat, dog, and other furry animals. Also my mo says that animals are so hard to take care of. Do you know any pet that is easy to take care of?Please comment back on my blog at

Best regards,
5th grade student Jonah

Prapada said...

Hi Nick!
I was visiting your blog. I didn't know that your type of fish can live up to 4 years! That is so cool! I have a pet fish, too. I liked the way you described Drake.

Nick said...

@ Mrs. Yollis,

Thanks for the fantastic and long comment. I actually don't know any more facts about betas because the online dictionary that you showed doesn't work on my computer. Drake (my fish) can do some tricks, and the trick is that he eats really fast.

@ Ryan,

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I do have other pets, and they are dogs. My first dog is a puppy, and her name is Daisy. Daisy is a golden retriever, and she is one year old. The thing that's really cool about her is that her birthday is 11 days after mine.

My other dog's name is Murray. He is half golden retriever and half chow. He is 7 years old, and he is very skinny.

@ Jonah,

Thanks for the fantastic comment. Yes, I do know a easy animal to take care of, and it is a fish.

I also checked out your blog, and I think it is pretty good.

@ Prapapa

Great comment! Thanks for saying that!


scooper18l said...

Hi SCooper Louise here!
I didn't know a fish could live that long! I have a cat called Tippy and a Guniea-Pig called Lucy!
What a cool photo of your fish!
Please visit my blog and I am also adding you to my blog roll.
From Scooper Louise

Daddy said...


I hope this fish lives longer than our last one. I know you are so caring that you will do your best to make sure this fish has the best life a fish could have.

Even more cool than your fish is all the people that see your blog and comment. That makes me so proud of you. Please keep up the blogging. I love it.

I'm so proud of you!



nick said...

@ Daddy,

Thanks for the long and fantastic comment. Yes, I do hope this fish will live longer. Thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

I used to have a horse. His name was Blackjack. Come visit our blog at

msbee said...

Hi Nick

I am a teacher from Dunedin, NZ whose class is also doing the blogging challenge. Let me know if I can give you a hand with the challenge...

Did you complete the rest of the "Count out Three" Challenge......

Leave a comment on an interesting post at this blog.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and what posts you left a comment on. Why did you choose that post? Remember to include a link back to the post you left a comment on so that student gets a pingback or trackback.

Ms B

Iman said...

@ Nick,

My name is Iman. I am in Mrs. Yollis' class.
Congrats on your new pet! I have two fish named Rocky and Talky. Rocky is white with a orange stripe on his back, while talky is just a plain orange fish. I named my fish Rocky because when I got him he liked being at the bottom of the bowl, just like rocks stay at the bottom. I named my other one Talky because he is always opening his mouth.

I still have them and hope they live for a while now. The last time I had fish was in march for a holiday. My sister has a dog named Bella. She is a Chihuahua, and is white with little black spots and a black head.


AW said...

That is interesting that you have a beta fish, I have always wanted to have one. I don't have a fish, but I have a dog, cat, and a toad.