Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Day At My Dad's Work

Last Monday, I went to my dad's work. It was awesome because I had my own office. In my office I brought my computer and when I came in it had a phone.

When we went to lunch we went to a restaurant named Brent's. I had these delicious chicken finger with really sweet BBQ sauce. Then after that I went home.

Would you like to go to my dads work and go to Brent's?


Ben said...

Dear Nick,

Those chicken fingers with BBQ sause sound good. I went to my moms work for a halloween party and there was candy on the floor. I went crazy too get the most. But I did not get my on office. Your very lucky.


Nick said...


Those chicken fingers with BBQ sauce were really good. I wish my dads work had candy on the floor for a halloween party. It was really fun having my own office and it would of been really fun if I had a two screen computer. Have you ever went to Brent's?

Your friend,

MIMI said...

I have gone to Brent's, but it was the one in Northridge. There deli food is the best! I heard you ran into Auntie there. How was your practice yesterday? I'll see you at the game on Saturday.

You know what?

Nick said...

Dear Mimi,

I did run in to auntie. Also I ran in to Logan. It was really fun running in to them. I wish I can go there everyday for lunch. It was really good.

When I was there I was playing games near the door because there were a lot of games. See you soon!



Unknown said...

Dear Nick,
I've been to my mom's and dad's office. I went to my mom's offics three times and my dad's once. How many times have you gone to your dad's office?


Nick said...

@ Jaxon,

I have been to my dad's office about 4 times. But its really fun. When you go to your dad's or mom's office do you have fun?

Your classmate,


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

This is a great blog. You are so talented and I love reading these.

Go Kings Go!!!



Nick said...

@ Daddy,

Thanks for saying I have a great blog. Also thanks for saying I am talented and you can leave a comment any time you want on my blog.

Go Kings Go

Your son,