Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Trip To Hawaii

This August I embarked to Hawaii and the plane ride was almost 6 hours long. After the plane ride I got to the hotel. When we got to the hotel I went straight to the pool because I was so excited. After the pool we went to our room and we ordered room service and I had a delicious cheese burger. Also for desert I had a good chocolatey sunday!

After a couple days I went snorkeling at a island called Molikini. Molikini has sea turtles and colorful fish. When we saw the sea turtles I touched the sea turtles and it felt really rough. Also I touched the fish and they felt so soft. Below here are some pictures of sea turtles.

Would you like to go to Hawaii?

Would you like to have all those delicious sundays and cheese burger?
Would you like to swim in the pool?
Would you like to snorkel?


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I also went to Hawaii but did'nt see any sea turtles. When I saw the hotel we're right next to the beach! The hotel had a enormes pool. Me and my family would catch huge waves.

Your classmate,

Nick said...

@ Sam

I could only go in the ocean a few times because there was a yellow flag up. The yellow flag means there are jellyfish in the ocean. What was the hotels name. I also had a big pool at the hotel too. But when I was allowed in the ocean I ducked under big waves and I boogie boarded on most of the waves. Also how did your dog act when you came back? What island did you go too in Hawaii?