Monday, November 16, 2009

I like Hockey

I like hockey. First of all, I play hockey at De Anza Park. The hockey rink is right in the middle of the park. My team is called the Rinkrats. I am number 11. I am number 11 because my favorite player is number 11. His name is Anze Kopitar [ Ange Kopitar].

So far I have 1 goal 3 assists and that is a total of 4 points. My team has won 3 games and lost 1 game. We lost the game to the Phantoms. ( The Phantoms are the best team in the division I play in.) The score was 10- 5. It was not a good game. This Saturday, I have a game against the Sharks. The Sharks are tied in the same place my team is in. The Sharks and my team are tied for third place. I think that is pretty good for 4 games.

I also go to NHL games at Staples Center for the Los Angeles Kings. ( They're my favorite team in the NHL.) My favorite player in the NHL is named Anze Kopitar (Ange Kopitar). The Kings colors are purple, black, white and silver.

What do you do for sports?
Where do you play?
What is your team name?

Would you like to play hockey on one of these teams?


Daddy said...

My favorite team is the Kings too. I always look forward to going to Kings' games with you. I'm proud of you. Remember that!



Nick said...

@ Daddy,

I will remember that. Thanks for saying you're proud of me.