Monday, November 30, 2009

My Thanksgiving Break Off Of School

Last week I had a break off of school for Thanksgiving. I had a lot of free time. Mostly during my free time I played roller hockey in my backyard, watched T.V., play video games and lay on my dogs. My favorite one I did during my Thanksgiving break was playing roller hockey. I played roller hockey about every day of my break. ( Playing roller hockey is my favorite thing to do.) But the first day of my break I went to Disneyland. On Thursday was Thanksgiving. I had a lot of fun because two of my friends came over, and ate a Thanksgiving dinner with me.

On my last two days I went to the ice skating rink with my friend Tanner. I went on Friday and Saturday. On Friday was my first time ice skating, and I only fell one time! I was so amazed. I loved my week for Thanksgiving! :)

Did you enjoy the post? :)
How was your break for Thanksgiving?
What did you do during the break?


Daddy said...

Nicky, do you want to go ice skating again? I think this post is awesome. It makes me think I was doing the same things as you. Can I skate with you next time?



Nick said...

@ Daddy,

Yes, I do want to go ice skating again. Thank you so much for saying this blog post is awesome and I wish you had a blog. Yes, you can skate with me next time we go ice skating at the mall. Also can we go every weekend to the ice rink? Hope you can comment next post I publish on my blog.



Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

Thanksgiving break was also my first time ice skating, and I only fell two times!:-) Talk about ice skating! Whats roller hocky?

Your blogging buddy,

Anonymous said...

@ Sam,

Roller hockey is when you put on roller blades on and you try to get the puck in the net. Last year I was in the lowest level of hockey and I scored 29 goals. I was so amazed.:)