Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day of School!

Today is June 15, 2010, and today was the last day of school. At school today we cleaned out our desks, we signed yearbooks with the whole third grade, read the Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, and then we went home.

My teacher, Mrs. Yollis' room moms took some pictures of our group hug, and here they are. 

Credit: photos by Mrs. Yollis

Here is a picture of the class leaving the school on the last day. :(  :)

What was your favorite part about your last day of school?

Did you like this post?

When is your last day of school? 

Are you going to miss your teacher like I miss Mrs. Yollis? 

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Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Nick,

What a terrific end-of-the-year post! You are a wonderful blogger with a great looking new template! (Remember, don't change it too often or your readers will get confused!)

I like how you gave credit for the photos! Pro work, Nick!

I am going to miss all of you, but I know you will all visit and I we can leave comments on each other's blogs.

Have a great summer!

Your pal,
Mrs. Yollis

Nick said...

@ Mrs. Yollis,

Thanks for saying the post was terrific, and saying that I am a wonderful blogger. I hope we all can talk over the summer until the school year starts.


Daddy said...

What a way to wrap up the year and so appropriate with a post about your class. I'm so glad you had a great year and I am so appreciative of Mrs. Yollis for teaching you guys how to post. I think it is an incredible tool for communication (when done right) and great practice for writing.

I'm so proud of you. Have a great time in 4th grade!



Anonymous said...

@ Daddy,

Thanks for the comment. I am counting on having a good time in fourth grade. What was fourth grade like for you when you were a kid.