Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Holidays

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get so many presents. Here are some of the presents I got for Christmas: I got a iPod touch, The Beatles Rock Band, Guitar Hero Five and a iTunes gift card. I was so happy that I got all that stuff.

My second favorite holiday is New Years. I like the holiday New Years because you get to say Happy New Year! Also I like New Years because I get to have this drink called apple sider. Apple sider is a drink with bubbles in it. Since the grown ups get to drink wine the kids drink apple sider.

My last favorite holiday is Hanukah. I like Hanukah because you get 1 present a night. Maybe some people get more presents a night but that is how I celebrate Hanukah.

What is your favorite holiday?
Why do you like that holiday?
On New Years do you drink apple sider?
Have you heard about the drink apple sider?
Did you enjoy the post?

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