Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Break

Today is my last day of winter break. I go back to school on January 4, 2010. During winter break I did a lot of stuff. I celebrated Christmas and Christmas was my favorite part of winter break. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get lots of presents.

Also during winter break I saw the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 the Squeakquel. I thought is was such a great movie I want to see it over and over again.

Also during winter break I went to two hockey games. The teams were the Minnesota Wild and the Los Angeles Kings. Minnesota won the one with a score of 4-3. I was so mad that they won. The second games teams were the Washington Capitals and the Los Angeles Kings. At the end of the game the score was 2-1 and I was so happy because the Kings won 2-1. That was awesome. But the best part was when the game ended and there was a celebrity hockey game. I don't know the score of that game because I left early in the first period. I left that game early because I had to go to my friends house for dinner and his name is Ben.

The last thing I did was see my friends Zack and Dani. When I was with them I went to have lunch at Ruby's and I ate delicious chicken fingers with BBQ sauce and to drink I had a vanilla milkshake. I loved the milkshake! Then after that my friends and me played at my house.

Would you like to have lunch at Ruby's and have a vanilla milkshake with chicken fingers and BBQ sauce?

Would you like to go to two hockey games?

Did you enjoy the post? Tell me why you did or why not.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I bet your winter break was really fun with all the activities to do. It is to bad it's all over now.

I do not no if I would go to Ruby's because last time I went there I got sick and threw up. Seeing two hockey games might be fun, but I don't know because I have never been to one.

Did you have fun on your winter break? I know I did!

Your classmate,