Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trading Hockey Cards With My Friends Ben and Joss

Above is a hockey card that shows a picture of the greatest hockey player of all time named Wayne Gretzky.

Today at my friends Ben and Joss's house I traded a lot of hockey cards.  I had so fun because you get cards and you trade them. When I traded the hockey cards I got about 15 cards from Ben and Joss in all.

 I got one of my favorite hockey players named Marcel Dionne. Marcel Dionne is one of the best players for the hockey team named the Los Angeles Kings. Also Marcel Dionne was on one of the best hockey lines ever called the Triple Crown Line. That line scored so many goals in one season. The Triple Crown line scored 51 goals, 61 assists and 112 points. That's a lot of points. 

Below is a picture of Marcel Dionne's hockey card.

Above is a picture Anze Kopitar's hockey card. 

Above is a picture of Zach Parise. 

I also got this really cool card and it was a goalie from the 1900's.  When  I saw it I could tell that it was from the 1900's because he didn't have a helmet. He only had a mask.  

Zach Parise is a hockey player for the New Jersey Devils, and he is so good he practically scores a goal every game. That's how good he is in hockey. 

Anze (Ange) Kopitar is a player for the Los Angeles Kings and he is so good too. But he hasn't been scoring a lot of goals lately. ( Anze Kopitar is my favorite hockey player ever!) 

Wayne Gretzky is the best hockey player ever in hockey. Once he a had over one hundred points. That's amazing. 

Do you have any hockey cards or collect hockey cards?

How many do you have?  


Ben said...

Dear Nick,

I have a huge collection of hockey cards. I'm the one who traded you the Zach Parise card. On Monday I'll bring my cards so we can trade some more.

Ben (From the post)

Nick said...

@ Ben,

Good thing you are bringing your hockey cards tomorrow because I really want to trade some. I liked how you said from the post because I linked you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

Remember when I gave a Anze Kopitar which is your favorite player? I also have a lot more of great players like Zach Parise, Zdneo Chara, Joe Sakik, and Eric Staal.


Nick said...

@ Sam,

Yes, I do remember that you gave me that card. Well Joe Sakic retired a year ago, but he was a really good player. Eric Staal, as well is really good at hockey. Are you good at hockey?


Daddy said...

Nicky, that was such an awesome post. I didn't know you knew so much about the hockey players. I'm very proud of you. Keep writing! Love, Daddy

Nick said...

@ Daddy,

Thanks for that awesome comment on my hockey card post. Also, thanks for saying you were proud of me.


Phyllis Liverman said...

Dear Nick,
Would you want to get to know the Boston Bruins team members. Since visiting Boston, do you like the Bruins?
Love, Grammy

Nick said...

@ Grammy,

Thanks for the comment. I think I would really want to meet them and get autographs. Yes, I do like the Bruins.