Friday, March 5, 2010

International Blogging Challenge!!

Today I signed up to be in a International Blogging Challenge! It is going to be going on for ten weeks.

Below is a picture of the Logo they are using. 

This week's challenge is to write ten reasons why people should read your blog.

1. You should visit my blog because I give good sports reviews on hockey games I go to.  For example, Kings vs. Bruins.

2. I write posts about what trips I go on. For example, Lake Arrowhead.  

3. I write about holidays. For example, Christmas.

4. I write about Trading Hockey Cards

5. I write about stage shows I go to. For example, Mary Poppins

6. I write about My Family. 

7. I take photographs for my post. 

8. I have a voki that tells you how to comment. 

9.  I list the blogs I follow so other people can see them. 

10.  I have polls that you can vote for your favorite sport. 

Those were the ten reasons why you should visit my blog. 

Also, my friend Ben who is in my class is in the blogging challenge. 

Are you in the International Blogging Challenge if you have a blog? 

Tell me if you like the post or you don't like the post?

What is your favorite part about the Blogging Challenge?


Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Nick,

You and Ben are off to a terrific start with the blogging challenge. I love your ten ideas about why people should visit your blog!

Great job!

Mrs. Yollis
P.S. If you resize the "Challenge Yourself to Blog" picture to a medium or small, you'll be able to see the entire picture.

Nick said...

@ Mrs. Yollis,

Thanks for commenting to me on my International Blogging Challenge. Also, thanks for saying you love my ten ideas for the challenge. I just changed the picture to the size medium. Now I can see it more!

Your student,

Daddy said...


I love that you are doing this challenge. I think you are an awesome writer.
Your topics are always so interesting and I always love your questions.
Keep up the great writing and good luck. I know you will win.



Nick said...

@ Daddy,

It's not a challenge that you get to win. The challenge is about participating in blogging. Thanks for saying you love my questions that I ask at the end of each post. What is your favorite part about the blog post?


Miss W. said...

Thank you so much for advertising the blogging challenge among your friends and visitors to your blog.

I love the way you put the ten reasons to visit, but I did not know you had written this post because you didn't include a hyperlink or trackback to the original post.

If you are not sure what I mean, check with Mrs Yollis. If you do this on each challenge post, then you might get included in one of my posts about blogs to go and visit.

Nick said...

@ Mrs. W,

Thanks for the awesome comment on this post. Did you mean link to your blog for the blogging challenge because I did that? What is your favorite reason that I wrote on my blog.

I am going to be write the 3rd challenge soon! Check out my second challenge that I did! Great comment!